This year my wife and I  have tried to take a picture everyday – we are fortunate to live in a neighborhood surrounded by water and in an area that has lots of parks and photo opportunities.  Sometimes we get lucky and get some really good pictures and sometimes not! Once in a while you may see a date missed and we enter “do for” shot.  If we have more than one good shot, we send them to our friends and family to vote for which one they like the most.  For those who read this blog feel free to offer comments both good or bad – we are not professionals and continue to experiment.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and follow my blog. I love your header image. Quite possibly my favorite view in NH. That is the Presidential Range from Cherry Pond right? If not it’s my favorites views identical twin 🙂

    • You are correct. What a great eye. We love New Hampshire and have been there several times. One of the guests at the bed and breakfast we were staying at told us about Cherry Pond. If it wasn’t such a long drive from Maryland to New Hampshire we would go a lot more often. Look forward to seeing some pictures of New Hampshire in your blog. Maybe some new places for us to visit the next time we make it to New Hampshire

      • I was just there this past weekend. Love that place!

        and you’re in luck! 99.99% of my photos are from NH! 🙂

        If you ever need further info on any of the places you see don’t hesitate to ask. And if you’re planning on being in the area I would be more than willing to show them to you if my schedule permits.

      • Just took a look at your blog and love yours also. You have a new follower. Looks like we have similar interests. Love the poems you have added. Where did you find them? When I come across a saying or phrase that I like, I write in down in a book and hope that I can use it someday

      • About a month ago I went to the friends of the library book sale and picked up a book called Favorite Poems Old and New – collected by Helen Ferris. It’s old and cool. So that’s where the poems come from. Thanks for the follow – love you photography!

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