March 15, 2013

Lin and Michael's Photos

Lin and Michael’s Photos

I stopped at my favorite place on the way to work this morning.  Took some pictures of the sunrise.  Long day at work trying to meet a deadline – numbers and excel works starting to blur by the end of the day.  Got home and when I went to get my small point and shoot camera could not find it in my purse.  Okay – maybe it fell out in the car – so out to the car – no luck – okay – back inside check my purse and tote – no luck so back to the car and check under the seat and between seat and door – no luck.  Hopefully, its on the floor under my desk but will have to wait until Monday morning to find out.  We went out to dinner and then went to Barnes and Noble.  Really enjoying browsing all the books.  So thought I would take a picture of new mysteries so I would have a photo of the day and also a list of new books to put on reserve at the library.  Then it was off to check all the new photography magazines.

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