January 5, 2015

Lin and Michael's PhotosSome of my favorite things.  This little alcove is above our fireplace.  Three of my favorite Snow Village buildings are displayed above.  The church belonged to my mother in law and was our first piece in our collection  The middle piece is a bed and breakfast and Michael and I really enjoy staying at bed and breakfasts.  The piece on the right is a library and I love to read and usually go to the library once a week.  The painting is a snow scene of Timberline in Davis, West Virginia – it didn’t come out very well in this photo because of the glare from the flash.  We used to visit West Virginia a lot and it reminds us of all the good times we had.  Also it’s a snow scene – snow is in the forecast for tomorrow morning – but only an inch or two.  Really hoping for some snow

The vase and the tea candle holders are from Vermont and Vermont is one of our favorite places to visit.   The clock was a gift from good friends of ours

The angels are a gift from my brother in law and just part of my angel collection



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