December 30, 2021

Today’s memories. We took our very first cruise to Alaska in 2019. It was only a 7 day cruise and we only saw a little of Alaska but what we did see was beautiful. We would love to go back and see Denali and more of Alaska but there are so many great places we still want to see. I think this was our last big trip before Covid

December 10, 2021

Decided to head to the Narrows to check out the crab basket Christmas trees. :Last year was the first year and there was only one tree. This year there were two trees with over 300 baskets. There were 8 watermen who died this year and they each have a basket with a heart with their name on it.

The crab basket tree benefit’s the local Watermen’s Association.  Local businesses and interested people purchase a crab basket from the QA Watermen’s Association and paint a nautical or holiday theme.