December 30, 2021

Today’s memories. We took our very first cruise to Alaska in 2019. It was only a 7 day cruise and we only saw a little of Alaska but what we did see was beautiful. We would love to go back and see Denali and more of Alaska but there are so many great places we still want to see. I think this was our last big trip before Covid

December 17, 2012

Lin and Michael's Photos 2012

Lin and Michael’s Photos 2012

What a day!  Heard a crash at 4:30 this morning – came downstairs to find our tree had fallen over.  Have no idea why.  So we picked the tree up, put it back in the stand and then started the clean up.  Luckily we only lost about a dozen ornaments.  But what a mess – had to get the vacuum cleaner out to clean up the broken piece and then towels to clean up the spilled water.  By the time we got done it was about 6 o’clock so got ready for work.  When I got to work and was telling my co-workers about the tree falling down, I discovered that three yes three other people had their trees fall down as well.  What is going on???   It’s was very foggy today and rained on an off all day.  Where is the snow???  Not many photo ops so I had to resort to taking pictures of the tree – guess I should have taken a picture of the tree on its side this morning.