December 31, 2021

Today’s memories. I grew up in the Hudson Valley close to the Hudson River and a lighthouse. When I saw the lighthouse, I knew I was almost home. The ornament on the right is from Vermont. We love Vermont and usually visit once or twice a year. In fact, several years ago we heard a big storm was headed to Vermont so we decided to head to Vermont since we had never been in the winter. They only had about 5 inches of snow but it was perfect. All of the roads – even the dirt roads – were cleared in no time and we were able to head out and get a lot of great winter pictures. Hope to head to Vermont some day soon

December 30, 2021

Today’s memories. We took our very first cruise to Alaska in 2019. It was only a 7 day cruise and we only saw a little of Alaska but what we did see was beautiful. We would love to go back and see Denali and more of Alaska but there are so many great places we still want to see. I think this was our last big trip before Covid

December 28, 2021

Today’s memory. This one reminds me of when we went to Moosehead Lake in 2012. We went on a moose safari. We actually saw two moose and got some great pictures. We also went to Baxter State Park where the Appalachian Trail ends. We have been on parts of the AT in several different states and wanted to include Maine in our list – especially because its where the AT ends. We were lucky enough to see another moose on our way out. He was a lot thinner. We joked that he was he was our $14 dollar moose.

There is a section of road near Greenville that is called Moose Alley that is recognized for both for its stunning vistas of Mount Katahdin and the chance of seeing at lest one moose besides the road.

December 19, 2021

Just finished frosting my sugar cookies. It brought back wonderful memories of my Mom. She had a great big glass har that was always filled with sugar cookies during the holidays. I have three sisters and we all lover her sugar cookies. It was not until I started making them that i realized how much time and effort was involved. Where did she find the to do everything she did? Did she even sleep? She was Wonder Women and I miss her every day.

I should have taken some pictures.