April 23, 2023

Decided to drive to the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. There are 158,000 acres in the Refuge. We actually saw an alligator

We did not see any bears even though there are bears in the Refuge

Spotted these pretty flowers along the road

The lilies reminded me of PAC man’s

Spotted along one of the trails

April 22, 2023

Drove to Wanchese, a nearby fishing village to see if we could find a wooden bowl at a local shop. They did not have the bowl we wanted but did get a couple of good photos. The shop did have some fishing floats for sale for 150 dollars. We still have two floats that we bought in Japan years ago. Guess we should have bought more than 2.

We then headed to Jockey Ridge State Park to check out the sand dunes. We only walked a bit on the trail because it was just too windy the park has the tallest active sand dune system in the eastern United States

Then we headed to the Wright Brothers National Memorial

Forecasters predicted rain around 8 pm tonight so figured there would not be much of a sunset so we went around 5:30

April 21, 2023

We drove to Cape Hatteras today and saw two lighthouses along the way. The top photo is the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and it was built in 1870 and is the worlds second tallest brick lighthouse at 198.5 feet.

The Bodie Island Lighthouse was built in 1872 and has its original 1st order Fresnel lens

Also stopped to see the ocean

The innkeeper was kind enough to tell us where to go to see the sunset