April 23, 2023

Decided to drive to the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. There are 158,000 acres in the Refuge. We actually saw an alligator

We did not see any bears even though there are bears in the Refuge

Spotted these pretty flowers along the road

The lilies reminded me of PAC man’s

Spotted along one of the trails

October 14, 2022

The sun came out and it was a beautiful day Stopped at Saratoga Spa state park. We were happy to see that the rain and wind did not knock down all the leaves The park is 2.379 acres and it contains lots of trails, the performing arts center, picnic ares and lots of other amenities. There is a beautiful fall display at the entrance to the park. I was lucky enough to talk to one of the state employees who told me that her and her boss start working on the display in mid September. This is just part of the beautiful display

According to Wikipedia There was a belief that the waters of Saratoga held healing properties that led to construction of spas snd health centers that would cater to local tourism and health industries. At the height of this bottling frenzy in the early 1900s there were more than 200 private wells tapping into Saratoga mineral springs

Some of the beautiful scenery in the park

August 21, 2021

Decided to go to Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge.  This is our third time there and this time we actually saw more wildlife than usual.

We also made a stop at the Montezuma Winery – one of our favorite wineries in the finger lakes

Surprised to finally see some butterflies and three of them at once – jackpot