October 31, 2012

Lin andMichael’s Photos 2012

Something to brighten my day,  Still no power.  BGE is now saying 8 pm but they have already changed the times three times so not feeling really confident.  Offices were closed on Monday and Tuesday but today it was back to work.  I bought these flowers on Saturday before the storm started.  They have really opened up and look pretty.  We had to have three trees taken down in the backyard because of the storm.  There are also some oaks that have died that we will have to take down out a later time.  Two of the trees were uprooted and leaning and the other one was leaning into a neighbor’s yard.  We are very thankful that there we did not have that much damage.  New York and New Jersey were really hard hit.  Was wondering if I was going to have any trick or treaters tonight but some of them where just here.  Guess they are coming early since we still do not have any power

October 30, 2012

Lin and Michael’s Photos 2012Our

Our new best friend.  we lost power at 8 pm.  Power stayed on longer that we thought it would.  The generator sits on the deck and then we have an extension cord going thru the family room window.  It then is hooked up to a power strip where we have extension cords running all over the house.  We bought this generator 14 months ago and this is the third time we have used it so definitely got our money’s worth.,

October 29, 2012

Lin and Michael’s Photos 2012

Hurricane Sandy has arrived.  It rained all day.  We managed to go to the mall to get a new food processor that I have been wanting and then saw the movie Argo – great movie.  Then headed home to “hunker down”.   I took this picture of the deck from our dining room.

October 28, 2012

Lin and Michael’s Photos 2012

Busy today preparing for Frankenstorm.  We brought in all the patio furniture, plants and anything that might blow away.  Then we ran some errands and went to the movies to see Argo.  Really good film  The tree in our side yard is really beautiful – looks of colors.  This picture does not really do it justice but it was late in the afternoon and it was dark and dreary so this one is the best.

Lin and Michael’s Photos 2012

Decided to take the day off so we could go on field trip and take photos.  Frankenstorm is headed this way and Michael has a class tomorrow so today might be last chance to get some fall photos.  We went to Seneca Creek State Park in Montgomery Co.  What a find.  There is a lake with trail all around the lake.  We walked for about two hours and took lots of photos  Really hard to decide which ones we liked the best.  So I picked a few – enjoy