Cape Disappointment lighthouse on a rainy, damp and dreary day. We were on the afternoon tour and guide told us that they could not see the lighthouse on the morning tour

I decided to do some research on the lighthouse since my hometown has a lighthouse on the Hudson River and discovered the contractors Gibbon and Kelly were from Baltimore

When it was first lit in 1856 it became the eighth active lighthouse on the west coast. There was only room for a circular tower at the site so a detached dwelling had to be built a considerable distance away. The station was supplied with a 1,600 pound fog bell but it was found to have little value due to the roar of the surf and the distance at which mariners needed to hear it. It is still in operation today

View of the Pacific from the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and to the right of lighthouse

December 31, 2021

Today’s memories. I grew up in the Hudson Valley close to the Hudson River and a lighthouse. When I saw the lighthouse, I knew I was almost home. The ornament on the right is from Vermont. We love Vermont and usually visit once or twice a year. In fact, several years ago we heard a big storm was headed to Vermont so we decided to head to Vermont since we had never been in the winter. They only had about 5 inches of snow but it was perfect. All of the roads – even the dirt roads – were cleared in no time and we were able to head out and get a lot of great winter pictures. Hope to head to Vermont some day soon

September 28, 2016

We decided to take a lighthouse cruise from New London.  It lasted about two hours.  If you are in the area we highly suggest the tour.

New London Ledge Lighthouse.  This lighthouse reminds us of the lighthouse in the Hudson River near my hometown of Athens, New York.

It’s reportedly haunted by the ghost of an early keeper named Ernie.

Lin and Michel's Photos

Lin and Michel’s Photos

North Dumpling Light.  During prohibition, the isolated beaches and islands near North Dumpling were found to be ideal for transferring illegal booze.  In 1986, the island was sold to the Segway Human Transporter inventor and he battled with Suffolk County authorities for permission to build a windmill to power an electric generator.  He then began an extensive campaign  and declared that his island was now the sovereign “North Dumpling Republic” and that he was Lord Dumpling II.  The new nation was to have its own currency, the Dumpling, a national anthem and a one boat navy.

Lin and Michael's Photos

Lin and Michael’s Photos