April 12, 2013

Lin and Michael's Photos

Lin and Michael’s Photos

The afternoon really seemed to drag today.  Guess I was just anxious for the weekend to get here.  Went to a new restaurant for dinner – had a nice meal and shared an awesome dessert with my husband – it was called a naughty angel.  wow – white cake with chocolate mouse in the middle – with white chocolate chips on the tops and side.  When I got home I took a bunch of pictures of tree blossoms in the front yard but they didn’t turn out that great so I headed back out to try again.  Put the camera on manual but it was too dark and was taking forever for the shutter to click so decided to just head back into the house and this is the result.  Not sure I could do it again.  Thought it was really something different.  Hope to head out shortly to get some good photos.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and finds lots of good photo ops.

Lyn and Michael’s Photos 2012

Started raining on the way home from work and it’s still raining.  I took a couple of pictures on my IPhone of the rain and when I got home and checked them out on the computer I came across this.  I have no idea what it is or where I took it but thought it was interesting