November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving. Dinner turned out great. I was a little worried since I messed up the mince meat pie. I got a butterball turkey like I always do but this one was a little lopsided. Hard to explain but you could not get any big slices of meat. It tasted great though.

Hard to believe it’s 52 degrees at 5 pm in late November. Pretty quiet outside and not much colour and no clouds

November 23, 2022

Michael loves mince meat pie and I make it for him for thanksgiving and Christmas. We could not find the usual brand this year. I even checked Amazon but you had to order 2 and it was $35 so we bought another brand. Went to take it out of oven and it slipped and spilled all over glass oven door. What a mess. Had to wait for oven to cool down so we could clean it up and then bake the pumpkin pie. Michael tasted it and said he didn’t care for it. Oh well. Will try some other stores on other side of bridge

November 8, 2022

Wow we went from temperatures in 70’s to temperatures in 50s. Had to turn the heat on

We celebrated friendsgiving today. The food was great. We are so lucky to have such great friends. After dinner we played trivia. Questions were all thanksgiving related. Our team came in second place with 22 out of 30. Winning team had 23 so we were close. Then it was time for Jenga.