June 17, 2014

Lin and Michael's Photos

Lin and Michael’s Photos

Chocolate peanut butter whoppie pies.  I love to bake. My son asked me if I would make some chocolate peanut butter whoopee pies for his boss’s birthday. I said I would give it a try. His boss even sent me a recipe to use. Well got home from work and started working on them. The recipe said I would end up with 8 pies. Well I made a big mess in the kitchen and had just finished cleaning up when my son called and asked if I had any luck. I said yes I had just finished but it only made 8 – did you realize that – aren’t there more than 8 people in your section. Oh Mom – sorry I should have mentioned that – would it be a big deal to make another batch – if it is we can just cut them in half. Wasn’t sure how cutting them in half would work so I made another batch and another mess. This is the final result. He emailed me today and said everyone enjoyed them. Thank goodness – but it will a long time before them again. By the time I finished the second batch it was time to start dinner – so needless to say I didn’t have any time for another photo