June 20, 2014

Lin and Michael's Photos

Lin and Michael’s Photos

This should do it.  Let’s hope so.  The County came back and dug up the street to see if they could find the cause for the sinkhole.  Everything was dry so they are not sure what happened.  They filled it backup and patched the road.  The foreman told me that sinkholes are popping up everywhere in the county – they think it’s because of all the rain we have had.  In fact, they were taking the steel plate that had been in the road and using it for another sinkhole

Lin and Michael's Flowers

Lin and Michael’s Photos

Spotted these on my evening walk.  Not sure what they are called.  Thought it was interesting that the flowers on the outside had bloomed but the ones on the inside have not.  Will have to keep an eye on them to see what they look like when they are in full bloom