January 15, 2023

Another chilly windy day. Good day to stay in with a good book Horse is one of book club selections. I had not been in a book club until we moved here. Great bunch of gals in our club and I have read several books I would not have read otherwise Have way thru and really enjoying it. So lucky to have a great library close by

May 24, 2015

A trip to Saratoga would not be complete without at lease one picture of a horse.  This horse is outside the visitors center.

Saratoga is only about an hour from the B&B where we stay in Vermont.  We were really surprised at the number of shops and restaurants.  We had hoped to go to a winery but no luck.  One of the wineries in town was closed, another one had not opened yet.

Tried to find one on the outskirts of town but address we put in GPS did not work and all we saw was an open field.  We tried one more time in Port Edward but that one was closed and for sale.  Oh well.

We still had a great day

Lin and Michael's Photos

Lin and Michael’s Photos

December 13, 2012

Lin and Michael's Photos 2012

Lin and Michael’s Photos 2012

Went out to dinner with some friends tonight.  We decided to eat in Annapolis and then go to Midnight Madness.  It was the first time I have been to downtown Annapolis during the holiday season.  Had a great time.  The stores and restaurants were all decorated and stayed.  There were several different musicians around town.  Some of the boats in ego alley were even decorated with lights.  Took lots of pictures and it was hard to decide on just one.