Lin and Michael's Photos

Lin and Michael’s Photos

Went on a hike today with the Patuxent River Keeper at the Patuxent River Park.  It was raining when we left home but we went anyway and hoped for the best.  By the time we got there the rain had stopped.  There were about two dozen people.  Besides the River Keeper there were two people from the Scenic River Land Trust.  It rained on an off but we were under tree cover for most of the hike.  After the hike we went to the River Keeper’s headquarters which is about 5 miles away  It sits right on the river and was one of four Patuxent River locations approved by the legislature in 1747 to act as a port and tobacco inspection station

The house that is now the River Keeper’s office was once the old country store for tobacco traders and others who used the port.

Had some lunch and walked around and took lots of pictures.  Liked these the best