October 16, 2022

Headed to Vermont. It was a beautiful drive. The leaves are awesome. It’s supposed to rain most of tomorrow so not sure if the leaves will last. Stay tuned

Post Office in Rupert, Vermont.
Three Pears Gallery in Dorset.
Barn on Dorset Hollow Road

Two views of the same tree. We stopped at Merck Forest We have not been there in years but it’s such a beautiful day and the views are great

October 15, 2022

Foggy morning but it turned into a beautiful day. We drove alongside of lake George and then headed to Fort Ticonderoga. We both remember being there as kids. Then we drove to Crown Point and then took a long drive back to Saratoga on a lot of country roads. The scenery was beautiful.

The only downside was we left one of our cameras in the hotel and the one we left in the SUV had a dead battery so we had to rely on our iPhones

Crown Point
Red trees at Crown Point
Fort Ticonderoga
View from Fort Ticonderoga


Path to Hug Point State Park. Of course I had to do some research. Before the highway was built, the only way to travel along this stretch of coast was by stagecoach. Pioneers traveling along the trail had to hug the point carefully, even at low tide. Thus, the point and the park are both aptly named Hug Point