Lin and Michael's Photos

Lin and Michael’s Photos

Went back to the beach on Sunday morning – a little later than yesterday and was surprised to see the same guy just getting ready to push off.  Told him the shot turned out great and he said I thought so – I am a photographer.  WOW – did not see that coming.  I asked what kind of photography and he said a wedding photographer.  The was no where near as amazing as yesterday  morning

Was really happy to see that this picture made the popular page on 365project.

November 20, 2012

Lin and Michaels Photos 2012

Walked outside this morning to go to work and was amazed at the colors of the sunrise.  So, of course I had to drive to the marina and see if I could get any good pictures.  Took a bunch of pictures and this one turned out the best.  It’s amazing how every sunrise and sunset are so different.