March 6, 2013

Lin and Michael's Snows

Lin and Michael’s Snows

The weather forecasters were predicting 3 to 5 inches in our area.  I was excited – I can get some more snow pictures.  But – the storm did not track like they thought and all we got was rain, rain and more rain.  So since photo ops were limited today, I decided to take a picture of our family room window to show the rain.

November 18, 2012

Lin and Michael’s Photos 2012

This is view from our family room window. I have been trying to capture this view for a couple of weeks. It’s kind of hard because I have a bookshelf in the corner and the couch is close to the window. My previous attempts did not work out. So while I was cleaning, I moved the couch out of the way and thought let’s try this one more time. I took some pictures and then ran upstairs with the chip and said to my husband. Upload these and see if there is anything good while I continue cleaning. I started cleaning again and in just a bit he said come upstairs – I think the screen is causing problems. So I guess I better take the screen out and try again because who knows how much longer the leaves are going to be on the tree. Took some more photos and in fact at one point I was even laying on the floor trying to get a good shot. Anything for a good photo. So this is the best of the bunch. It could be better but at this point I still had to finish cleaning.