Path to Hug Point State Park. Of course I had to do some research. Before the highway was built, the only way to travel along this stretch of coast was by stagecoach. Pioneers traveling along the trail had to hug the point carefully, even at low tide. Thus, the point and the park are both aptly named Hug Point

June 12, 2018

Another beautiful day in Stowe.  We decided to head to Moss Glen Falls since we haven’t been there in years.  We forgot the tick spray, but a nice group of girls let us use some of theirs.  We also forgot how uneven and steep the trail was – thank goodness we had our hiking books on but should have brought our hiking sticks with us.  The trail was filled with rocks near the top

Lin and Michael’s Photos

February 18, 2015

Lin and Michael's Photos

Lin and Michael’s Photos

The Baltimore & Annapolis station in Severna Park opened in 1919  and also housed a post office. B&A passenger service ceased in 1950. The building became the home of the Severna Park Model Railroad Club in 1966. The abandoned B&A right-of-way in front of the station became a hiking and biking trail in 1990.