View of Lake Champlain from the Grand Isles.  We drove around the Grand Isle but were disappointed that there were not a lot of places to get good photos of Lake Champlain.  We stopped at Grand Isle State Park only to discover that it was only for camping.  They would not even let us walk to the lake to take photos – strange.

Lin and Michael’s Photos

On our way back to the Inn, we stopped for some coffee/chai and an afternoon snack.  I picked up a magazine about Stowe.  Since it was such a beautiful day, we decided to sit outside to enjoy our snack and read.  The magazine mentioned a covered bridge less than two miles away.  This is our fourth or fifth visit to Stowe – How did we not know there was a covered bridge in town.  Definitely had to check it out.

This bridge is known as “Emily’s Bridge” due to the fact that it is haunted by a ghost named Emily.  There are many sad stories of how Emily died on the bridge.

Many people who have visited the bridge have experienced disturbing paranormal activity.

If you would like to know more just google Emily’s Bridge, Stowe, Vermont

Lin and Michael’s Photos

June 12, 2018

Another beautiful day in Stowe.  We decided to head to Moss Glen Falls since we haven’t been there in years.  We forgot the tick spray, but a nice group of girls let us use some of theirs.  We also forgot how uneven and steep the trail was – thank goodness we had our hiking books on but should have brought our hiking sticks with us.  The trail was filled with rocks near the top

Lin and Michael’s Photos