October 20, 2022

Last morning in Vermont. 4 days went by fast. we have been going to the Squire House in Dorset for over 10 years

Pond behind the house

Norwegian Wood Piles. It’s a space saving wood stacking technique. Once the barn was full of firewood they had to find a place for the rest of the firewood.

Made it home in time to see the sunset

October 16, 2022

Headed to Vermont. It was a beautiful drive. The leaves are awesome. It’s supposed to rain most of tomorrow so not sure if the leaves will last. Stay tuned

Post Office in Rupert, Vermont.
Three Pears Gallery in Dorset.
Barn on Dorset Hollow Road

Two views of the same tree. We stopped at Merck Forest We have not been there in years but it’s such a beautiful day and the views are great