Lin and Michael's Photos

Lin and Michael’s Photos

Stopped at one of the beaches in the neighborhood before work this morning.  Took a bunch of pictures of sunrise hitting the water.  Then lunchtime we went on a long walk to Fells Point.  I wanted something besides flowers.   Took a few pictures and then my small point and shoot camera said – no more space and I couldn’t take anymore photos,  Oh no…   How can that be.  I didn’t take that many photos today.  Got home tonight and uploaded the photos only to discover there were no pictures on the chip.  Oh no!!!!!!!!!  Were gremlins at work while I was working this afternoon?  I know there are a lot of beautiful flowers this spring but wanted something different for a few days.  So…….. since we were meeting our son for dinner tonight, I took a quick walk around the neighborhood to see what I could find – so it’s more flowers.  Hopefully we can get some good shots of something different on Saturday or Sunday although the forecast for tomorrow calls for rains.  But this is Maryland and the weather can change any minute.